TODAY,  September 27, is the cut off date to place your order and have it promised to you in time for Halloween.   If you have already placed an order you will have your merchandise in hand before the 31st. of October.  I cannot promise pre Halloween deliveries for orders made after TODAY, the 27th of SEPT.  I will, however, deliver as many as possible - if possible- for later orders.        

Sept. 27 2013

Welcome to!  Here you will find the widest selection of HAND CRAFTED armatures related to the obvious subject matter available anywhere on the internet, and at the very best prices, hands down.  We encourage you to compare our products and prices to anybody else. 

In addition to the content you see in the galleries, Razor Gloves also offers a wide variety of custom work.  

100% of the metal fabrication, creation of catalog pieces and highly personalized customer service is handled exclusively by Christopher Grantner, who has been involved in this hobby for over 10 years.

2013 Catalog



If you cannot find what you're looking for here (or even if you do!) please be sure to visit with Mark at  He is a friend of ours and offers excellent and honest customer service, and the accuracy and craftsmanship of his gloves are outstanding.  We are proud to endorse his work. USA Offers Expedited Domestic & WORLDWIDE Shipping
We will ship anywhere!  International rates are only $20 USD for air mail.


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